SAD is gone (right now)

I had a minor panic attack yesterday for no particular reason. I’ve been anxious all week (for reasons related to work & the re-start of grad school and holding myself to standards that even i’m not clear on) and we were talking about scary finances yesterday. I tried to watch a documentary about wine yesterday and then it included one of the Koch brothers so I had to turn it off. I haven’t been able to sleep well.

But I will take ALL of this as a side effect from my medication because it has made the SAD go away. I have the skills to manage the anxiety, I can ride it to get school work completed and completed well. If SAD were here, I don’t think I would get anything done. I haven’t used my light lamp all winter either!

I know medication isn’t for everyone, it has weird side effects which are always the absolute worst for 2-5 weeks in the beginning. But if you experience SAD and it’s inhibiting what you want to do with life, I would definitely recommend thinking about all your options and/or talking to a therapist/doctor to see if maybe medication can help.